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DOH proposes new fee structure

The Health Department proposes to amend Title 25, Chapter 02 of the American Samoa Administrative Code, to set out a new fee schedule for Facility Health Permits, creating a new regulation under the local statute.

The Notice of Intended Action outlines that it's $100 for Health Permits for all food and non-food establishments such as barber shops, salons, tattoo shops, auto shops, laundromats and any similar business affecting health and the environment.

The proposed fee is $50 for additional activities, and Health Permits for all other non-food entities is $50.

The notice says that Temporary Health Permits: $100 per day for an organization; and $50 per day for an individual.

Post Business inspection follow-ups are $50 for the first follow-up, and continuous follow-until inspections are corrected is $25 per day.

According to the notice, violation- risk factors: $50 per risk factor/food safety violation identified during inspection if the business is not closed.

For Closure of activity: $5,000 for the first closure, $7,000 for the second closure, and $10,000 for the third closure.

Furthermore, closure due to a foodborne illness outbreak: $5,000; Certificate of food condemnation $100 per certificate; Export Health Certificates for containers $200 per export container; Burial transit permit $50 per permit; Exhumation permit $50 per permit, assessment with condemnation certificate $50 Copy of Permit/Certificate: $10.

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