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DOH to receive $3.96 million

The American Samoa Department of Health will receive close to 4 million dollars from the US Department of Health and Human Social Services.

In a press statement released by Congresswoman Uifaatali Aumua Amata, states that the discretionary grant of $3.96 million for the American Samoa Department of Health is aimed at strengthening infrastructure, workforce and related areas.

Uifaatali commended the local health professionals working on ensuring good care is available to the people of American Samoa.

She also acknowledged Ben Sili and his team involved with this project. According to Uifaatali, Congress makes appropriations available, but the work that goes into applying and qualifying for these grants is done locally.

Health support is always among our most needed federal resources.

The health services grant is from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and their assistance is commended in supporting American Samoa, furthermore, the Congresswoman acknowledged Governor Lemanu Mauga, Lt. Governor Talauega Ale, and Director Motusa Nua in leading efforts to receive grants and improve health.

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