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Dr Anderson: "Fijian nurses have yet to sit the NCLEX until June"

The Executive Director advising the LBJ Board Dr Jean Anderson has dismissed reports that more than half of the 23 nurses hired from Fiji last year did not pass the NCLEX test. In an interview with KVZK News today, Dr. Anderson cleared the air.

"The Fijian nurses are taking “practice tests” as part of their core study prior to the actual National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) scheduled in June.

Dr. Anderson said the nurses are still preparing for the main examination.

“The Fijian nurses have yet to sit the NCLEX until June and whatever tests they are taking right now, are part of their course study, which is more of a practical test.

"This is what we are doing leading up to the main test. So as far as them not passing [the NCLEX] that information is not accurate.

“There is a total of 23 nurses and we anticipate that all of them will pass, once that happens they all become US licensed registered nurses.

"If some of them do not pass, we have a plan B, whereas the LBJ will pay for their next NCLEX sitting,” she said.

According to Dr Anderson each time they sit the test, there is a fee that must be paid.

"However if any of the nurses are unable to pass the examination they can still work for the LBJ but not as a registered nurse, but as a License Practice nurse," explained Dr Anderson.

KVZK news also inquired about the budget for the Fijian nurses who arrived last November, including travel, accommodations, meals, and stipends.

“To date, they are all staying at Sadies, we got a really good deal from Taaloga and Tom [Drabble] for their stay.”

According to Dr Anderson, an analysis was prepared against a contract currently in place to bring 20 nurses from the Philippines which amounts to $1.2 million and that is for two years.

“And so it is a lot cheaper to get the nurses from Fiji rather than the Philippines,” she said.

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