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Dr Shumway sets the record straight

The LBJ’s Chief Medical Officer Dr Joseph Shumway, who is currently Acting Chief Executive Officer has rubbished claims the board of directors are micromanaging the hospital's operation.

Shumway made the comments during a recent interview with KVZK News.

He said the board members have been very forthcoming and always lending a hand on whatever the hospital requires.

Dr Shumway said there is a perception portrayed by the local media that the board micromanages their operation and it behoves him to set the record straight.

"One misunderstanding and it is something that I tried to address with the Fono; one fundamental misunderstanding is that there is this constant play in the media that the board is micromanaging the hospital. That is not true," he said.

According to Shumway issues are raised with the board for their consideration and input on how to better the hospital's operation.

"Those [board members] are additional brainpower that to help us make good decisions. So I have never felt that there has actually been any micromanaging," he said.

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