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East Substation re-opens after two months

The Department of Public Safety’s East Substation has re-opened in full force after it was shut down by the Department of Health in January this year.

The east substation was closed down due to unsanitary conditions, days after the transfer of the police officers to the Central Station.

The Fagaitua station is now overseen by Major Lima Togia.

During a hearing on this issue several months ago, Deputy Commissioner Terry Letuli said there are 117 officers that are being distributed among the Central Station; Leone Station and the West Substation.

The hearing was in relation to concerns raised by Rep. Luaitaua Gene Pan over the lack of police presence on the far east side. with only one dispatcher assigned there.

The lawmaker also called on the Lemanu and Talauega Administration to “re-adjust” their priorities in terms of the public’s safety for residents living in the far east of Tutuila island.

Luaitaua pointed to residents on the east side that requires the assistance of police, having to “wait” for police officers from Fagatogo to respond, which is concerning.

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