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Education, on priority list of the government’s development agenda

The Lemanu and Talauega Administration's commitment to prioritizing the development of primary education by improving and upgrading the facilities of schools continues.

This week, more than $3 million has been allocated to infrastructure projects for two of the largest public schools on the island, Tafuna High School and Leone High School. Governor Lemanu laid the symbolic foundation for the Tafuna High School JROTC Building.

This project attracted interest from 22 contractors, with TMP Masonry Construction, led by Tevita Paea, securing the contract of $1.54 million for a JROTC building measuring 162 feet by 35 feet, a two-story structure.

The first floor will feature an open room with removable partitions, providing space for three JROTC classrooms, a laundry room, storage facilities, and separate bathrooms for boys and girls. The second floor is designated for computer labs, with storage rooms and additional student bathroom facilities.

For Leone High School, 18 contractors tendered bids for this project, and Nana's Inc. won the project, valued at $1.44 million, encompassing two interconnected buildings.

The first building, a two-story structure measuring 120 feet by 71 feet, will house essential administrative functions, including administrative offices, VP offices, a reception area, a conference room, and the principal's office on the first floor.

The second floor will be dedicated to a state-of-the-art computer lab and media room.

Additionally, a separate one-story building measuring 120 feet by 43 feet will accommodate four counselors' offices and bathroom facilities.

During the groundbreaking of these projects, Governor Lemanu said the groundbreaking events mark significant milestones in improving educational facilities.

He expressed enthusiasm for these groundbreaking events, emphasizing their significance in advancing education. These new facilities are poised to provide enhanced learning environments and opportunities for students at Leone High School and Tafuna High School.

Will Spitzenberg of PIOA Consultants will oversee the two projects.

Photo Credit: ASG

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