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Electricity rates decreases

The recent decrease in world diesel fuel prices also means a reduction in electricity rates by the American Samoa Power Authority.

In a recent statement released, since the recent spike in September 2022 of about $0.53 cent per kilowatts per hour, the April 2023 kWh rate stands at $0.40 cents.

The fuel surcharge portion of the rate, which changes with the increase or decrease in cost of diesel, for April 2023 is $0.30558, compared to the recent September 2022 high of $0.43822.

This is a 43% DROP in the "fuel surcharge" portion of the electric rate

ASPA continues to explore renewable energy options for American Samoa with Wind Turbine technology as well as Solar Photovoltaic Panels (PV).

These two Renewable Energy resources are the only proven technology that will fit within our island's landscape with the limited land and limited flowing water for Hydro Power.

According to ASPA, American Samoa is at the mercy of global fuel market prices and the many challenges faced with shipping & higher costs of materials around the world.

The impacts of the aftermath of the war in Ukraine will continue to cause volatility in future fuel costs around the world and will ultimately affect the cost of electricity in American Samoa.

O le pau o le tau o le suauu i na faapea ai foi ona vaaia le pau o le tau o le unite o le eletise a le ASPA.

I se pepa o faamatalaga e pei ona tuuina mai e le ASPA, o loo taua ai i le siitaga o le tau o le suauu i le masina o setema o le tausaga e 2022 i le 53 sene i le kilouati i le itula, ae e oo mai ia Aperila o le tausaga nei ua pau i le 40 sene i le kilouati.

O le totogi ua taua o le fuel surcharge lea e sui pe a sii pe pau foi le tau o le suauu, na faamauina e faapea i le masina o aperila e 0.30558 faatusa lea i le masina o setema o le tausaga na tea nei i le 0.43822.

E tusa lea e 43 pasene ua paua ai o le tau o le eletise. O le taimi nei o loo faauauina pea ona saili e le ASPA auala e maua ai le eletise mai le la, faapea ai ma masini faatupu savili wind turbines.

Photo Credit: ASPA

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