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Emergency Declaration extended for another two weeks

Governor Lemanu Palepoi Sialega Mauga has extended the Emergency Declaration for another two weeks, from today May 25. 2023 to 1 June 2023.

This supersedes the Emergency Declaration issued last month in line with the measles outbreak that was first declared on April 24. 2023.

The Director of Health confirms two laboratory measles cases with more than 50 probable cases.

Also, vaccination coverage has increased in elementary, high schools, early childhood education and daycare centres: and more than 2000 doses of the vaccine have been administered during this measles outbreak.

Furthermore, the rate of new suspected cases has dropped despite active ongoing surveillance: and the Department of Health, in coordination with other agencies, is capable of controlling and containing the spread of measles on island.

The Department of Health however needs to monitor remaining active cases and properly close out pending test results from off-island laboratories.

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May 29, 2023

👍 good news and updates.

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