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Escaped inmate captured after a couple of hours on the run

Nicholas Luamanu, who escaped from jail this morning, was recaptured by Police after several hours. Police Chief Pouuamea Tuaolo Supapo confirmed this in response to questions from KVZK.

According to Supapo, Luamanu was found around the American Samoa Community College compound, and he is now back in custody at the Tafuna Correctional Facility.

Luamanu is serving time for assault after stabbing a taxi driver in the neck and face in 2015. To date, over ten prisoners have escaped from the TCF.

Last month Vice Speaker of the House Fetu Fetui Jr lamented the Department of Corrections for not fulfilling their duties.

He expressed concerns during a hearing before the House of Representatives regarding inmates escaping from the TCF daily. He questioned the Department of Corrections whether they were waiting for someone to die at the hands of the inmates running from the Tafuna Correctional Facility.

Fetu said it is shocking that inmates are escaping daily, yet the Department is not taking the necessary actions to address the issues to ensure inmates remain behind bars. He said it had been the same excuse over the years: insufficient Correction Officers.

Warden Papalii Marion Fitisemanu explained that 326 inmates and 12 Correction Officers are assigned for each shift.

However, some of the Officers call in sick or take leave.

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Aug 16, 2023

🤣😂🤣SOIA kou KE Momoe AE lamakia ola ma Le saogalemu o kgk o Tutuila ma Manua🫤🤨aga ou Warden ouke Le Moe i lou moega ae ou alu e sui kulaga i se leoleo ua ma'i gugu oga o le fasipovi😂a kou le gafakia kiuke ua faaee aku i kou kauau, oso i fafo ma le pa ae kuu mai i le au fit👍

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