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FatumaFuti beach severly eroded

By: Tosimaeʻa Tupua


Residents of FatumaFuti say damage to the beach is “the worst in a generation” as heavy rain, abnormally high tides and wild surf, combined with long term erosion problems, washed away much of the remaining sand. Latupou Mauga told KVZK the situation at FatumaFuti is particularly bad because of erosion that has been occurring over months and years.

KVZK News was filming near FatumaFuti this week when we noticed the beach has "been significantly eroded".

Heavy rainfall has caused damage to infrastructure and family properties as well as flash flooding in the Eastern side of American Samoa. Shorelines have been eroded in some areas, most significantly in Amouli and Auasi

"We're experiencing some pretty serious erosion on FatumaFuti beach at the moment," said Latu. He continued, “The erosion has created a steep escarpment on the beach side.

A critical infrastructure damage assessment report will be made available this week.

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