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FBI agents on island to serve subpoenas

Two Federal Bureau of Investigation agents were on the island last week to serve subpoenas. This was confirmed by Government officials in the Attorney General’s office, who did not wish to be named due to the nature of the matter.

It is unclear who was served and for what case the FBI is investigating.

However, according to reports by witnesses from the AG's office and Senior Police Officers, the two FBI agents were working together with the Attorney General’s office when they were on island.

KVZK News reached out to Attorney General Fainuulelei Falefatu Alailima Utu, for comments and he declined to confirm nor deny the subpoenas issued citing that these matters are strictly confidential.

KVZK news also reached out to the FBI office in Honolulu Hawaii and its spokesperson, James Curry said they don't confirm the existence of FBI Investigations.

Eight months ago four FBI agents were in the territory for several days.

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