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FIFA President visits the territory

Football International Federation Association (FIFA) President Gianni Infantino is set to make a ‘historic’ visit to American Samoa this Friday.

The Football Federation of American Samoa (FFAS) is eagerly awaiting the arrival of the head of world football’s governing body.

This visit marks a historic moment, as it will be the first time a FIFA president has touched down on American Samoa soil. A member of the FFAS told KVZK News she hopes this visit will not be the last.

As the FIFA Women’s World Cup takes place in New Zealand and Australia, President Infantino has seized the opportunity to visit all Member Associations of Football across the Oceania region.

His stop in American Samoa is part of a broader tour to establish connections and further develop football in these remote areas.

President Infantino and his delegation are scheduled to arrive at 1:00 pm on Friday. During his brief stay, Infantino will meet with Acting Governor Talauega E. V Ale.

Before the meeting, a cultural Ava ceremony is planned for the President and his delegation at the Malae o Suigaulaaleatuvasa.

He is also scheduled to visit the Football Federation of American Samoa Headquarters in Pago Pago to engage with the soccer community in the territory.

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