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Final day of Atoa o Samoa: site visits in Savaii/Upolu, and official closing

On Thursday, October 12, 2023, the Government of Samoa continued to showcase its commitment to fostering collaboration and sustainable development during the Atoa o Samoa event.

The day was marked by three significant site visits across Savaii Island, each focusing on distinct sectors. The Infrastructure group embarked on a journey to explore key sites, including two small airports and a wharf in Asau, Savaii, aiming to revitalize underused infrastructure.

Additionally, the delegation visited the Vailoa Palauli water treatment plant, a crucial element of the region's water supply, treating water from the Palauli waterfall for the nearby villages.

Notable projects that gained attention were the Mali’oli’o Bridge and road project and the Samalaeulu Borehole Drilling Project, emblematic of Samoa's commitment to infrastructural development.

The Agriculture sector, led by the Chief Executive Officer of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (MAF). The first sector site visit began at the Gidlow Meat Farm owned by Mr. Alesana Li’o Gidlow. Mr. Gidlow toured the delegation around the livestock farm and explained the meat process from the farm to the market.

The site visit generally showcased a vision of self-sustainability and food security. The goal centers around the commercialization of local products, with a focus on involving local farmers to drive and expand the local economy.

The emphasis on value-added goods and locally made products demonstrates Samoa's dedication to import substitution. Moreover, these efforts align perfectly with the Governor’s vision to position American Samoa as the Hub of the pacific in the aspect of economic development.

Both governments embarked on other site visits which helped our delegation explore other potential industries with the intention of increasing import substitution.

The 2nd and last site visits to Lata Plantation and Savai'i Koko businesses serve as exemplary models of community growth strategies.

These enterprises demonstrate how a thoughtful approach can be employed to not only foster the well-being of their respective communities but help the growth of their business.

For instance, the procurement of land acres for the establishment of pastures through community engagement initiatives; moreover Koko Savaii owners giving away seeds to help support the expansion and growth of Koko plantations.

It is both a corporate social responsibility and a strategy of sustained and profitable economic growth.

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