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First responders undergo Complex Coordinated Terrorist Attacks (CCTA) training

Emergency responders from law enforcement, fire, and emergency medical services underwent 16 hours of direct instruction combined classroom learning with practical exercises to enhance the response capabilities of first responders during Complex Coordinated Terrorist Attacks.

The critical decision-making for Complex Coordinated Terrorist Attacks (CCTAs) training course is designed to equip first responders with the knowledge and skills necessary to respond effectively to complex coordinated terrorist attacks, ensuring the safety and security of our communities. 

A statement released noted that regardless of size or location, every community faces the potential threat of challenging public safety situations. Such incidents can include active shooters, train derailments carrying hazardous chemicals, bombings in commercial districts, plane crashes, or even chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear (CBRN) attacks or accidents. 

These events demand a coordinated response from various agencies, as one single entity may not be able to manage them effectively. Complex coordinated terrorist attacks (CCTAs) are scenarios where multiple threats are orchestrated to occur simultaneously, often in the same geographical area or across a region. 

These attacks surpass conventional response tactics and necessitate a joint response involving members from various disciplines and jurisdictions. The course, delivered through 16 hours of direct instruction, combines classroom learning with practical exercises to enhance the response capabilities of first responders during CCTAs.

Key topics covered during the course include Characteristics of Complex Coordinated Terrorist Attacks, Public safety response considerations, Command operations and strategies and Situational and domain awareness. 

Furthermore, the course incorporates real-life case studies to provide practical insights into the characteristics of CCTAs. Tabletop exercises enable participants to interact with responders from different disciplines, fostering collaborative decision-making and rapid strategizing in response to various CCTA scenarios.

The target audience for this direct delivery course includes emergency responders from law enforcement, fire services, and emergency medical services. It particularly benefits those assuming command responsibilities during a complex coordinated attack.

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