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Flash Flood Warning

Contact: Emergency Operation Center Telephone: (684) 699-3800

Fax: (684) 699-2939

This is a Special Bulletin from the American Samoa Department of Homeland Security – TEMCO issued at 8:15 pm., Tuesday, November 15, 2022.

The National Weather Service has issued a FLASH FLOOD WARNING for Tutuila and Aunu’u, due to heavy rainfall. Flash flooding is imminent or already occurring and may cause small streams to overflow resulting in flooding in low lying areas and roadways.

Residents nearby streams and in low lying areas are required to take necessary precautionary measures.

The public is advised to be extra cautious when driving through flooded roads. There is also risk of rockslides and landslides along steep slopes and mountainous areas, as the grounds become saturated with water.

The Flood Warning is effective until 11:00 pm SST and may be extended. Stay tuned to further weather reports as become available. Contact TEMCO / EOC at 699-3800 to report incident or require assistance.

O se fa’aaliga taua fa’apitoa lenei mai le Matagaluega o le Puipuiga o le Lotoifale – le Homeland Security ma le Ofisa o le TEMCO, auina mai i le itula e 8:15 i le po nei, Aso Lua, aso 15 o Novema 2022.

Ua fa’ailoa mai e le Ofisa o le Va’ai Tau i Tafuna ua iai nei se LAPATA’IGA MO TAFEGA MA LOLOGA mo Tutuila ma Aunu’u. Ua mafua lea ona o le mamafa o timuga o lo’o luga pe lata fo’i i le atunu’u.

Fautuaina ma lapata’iga mo nofoaga maualalo ma feoa’iga i luga auala tele, ona o lologa ma tafega. O le a fa’amutaina i le itula o le 11:00 i le po nei, o lenei lapataiga pei ona auina atu. Ae fautuaina pea le mamalu o le atunu’u ina ia nofo uta, ona o lologa ma tafega, ae maise ai sologa I tafāmauga.

O le a toe auina atu nisi fautuaga mai le ofisa o le TEMCO pe a fai ae iai nisi fa’aaliga mai le ofisa o le va’ai tau I Tafuna. A iai se fesili, vala’au mai I le 699-3800 mo nisi fa’amatalaga.

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