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Fourteen staff of Carl’s Jr taken to LBJ Hospital after a suspected gas leak.

By: Tosimaea Tupua

A suspected gas leak at Carl’s Jr has led to fourteen staff of Carl's Jr being taken to hospital.

Paramedics and a police team were sent to Carl's Jr this afternoon around 3:00pm.

A staff member who wished not to be named told KVZK News that fourteen staff members were feeling unwell and tired so they shut down the kitchen to investigate for a gas leak.

KVZK News spoke to a police officer outside Carl's Jr who confirmed they received a phone call close to 3:00pm today to report a suspected gas leak. He said, an EMS crew two fire trucks and 7 police officers attended. KVZK News understands people were still inside Carl's Jr to order food when the incident happened.

The Police Officer said Carl’s Jr staff were assessed at the scene and fourteen were immediately taken to the hospital, some were complaining of tight chests. KVZK News arrived as two EMS trucks were leaving for LBJ Hospital.

KVZK News spoke with Acting Chief Medical Officer Dr Akapusi Ledua who confirmed that fourteen staff of Carl’s Jr were admitted to ER around 3:30pm. Dr Ledua said the majority are doing well except for the three who are having difficulty breathing. According to Dr Ledua staff experiencing chest pain and tightness will be kept in ER overnight while the rest will be released home sometime this evening

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27. 11. 2022

Just wondering who handles or oversees the gas & electric at Laufou as they've had quite a few issues before re gas leaks & fires.

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