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Funkfit Team American Samoa competes in the Toa Games 2022

By: Tosimaeʻa Tupua

Team Funkfit American Samoa is going all out to secure the top position at the Toa Games in Apia. The Toa Games started in the Samoan capital yesterday with more than 100 participants mainly from Independent Samoa. American Samoa has three teams competing this year along 25 local teams.

Led by team Captain Tuala Kennedy Nofoagatoto'a the Fittest on The Rock Champ 2020, the Toa Games was founded and initiated by the Crossfit Fatu Toa Gym with the purpose of promoting exercise, fitness and healthy living through a competition with other local gyms.

The Toa Games is held every year – not only to celebrate the anniversary when Crossfit Fatu Toa Gym opened its doors to the public for the first time in 2015 – but it is also held to find out who is the fittest “team-of-four” in Samoa through a set of events that test various aspects of fitness such as strength, muscular endurance, aerobic capacity, speed and much more.

Speaking to KVZK News at Apia Park yesterday, Mr Nofoagatotoa said the games are a high intensity interval training competition with timed exercises that feature team combinations of both men and women.

On the first day of competition at Apia Park yesterday, teams competed in a mixture of running, lifting and squatting heavy objects while also doing some body-weight movements. KVZK News understands that today’s event will start with a strength event that will require all teams to see who can lift the heaviest “clean and jerk”. Organizers will also test the teams with gymnastic, aerobic capacity and rope climbing. The final event is a mystery where the teams will not know what the event will be until the day of the competition.

Best wishes to Tuala Kennedy Nofoagatoto’a and team American Samoa.

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