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Gov Lemanu commends Cabinet members for their commitment to see through development projects

Governor Lemanu P.S. Mauga, before its Cabinet meeting yesterday, commended his Cabinet for their commitment and overcoming challenges to ensure their development projects and mandates of the Administration are fulfilled.

He thanked Cabinet for seeing through the many projects implemented under their administration, yet they have been in office a little over three years.

He said their administration started in the most challenging times, referring to Covid, but they persevered. All their hard work is to serve American Samoa's people better. He said public criticism is nothing new.

However, not all criticisms are destructive; some are valid and should be considered. Another issue cited by the Governor during the Cabinet meeting pertains to the budget; while it has increased for the new financial year, the Departments and Authorities should work within their budget.

He also urged Cabinet members not to ask for additional funding when they appear for their budget hearings before the Senate and House.

Lemanu said that while directors focus solely on their budgets, he and the Lt Governor must consider the entire government operation. He said they can always re-negotiate the budget after it is approved.

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