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Gov: "may we never fail to remember that freedom is not free"

Memorial Day is a day of national remembrance born of compassion and empathy in honor of every patriot who courageously made the ultimate sacrifice to safeguard our way of life. Four wreaths were presented and separate locations as organized by the Office of Veterans Affairs.

Lieutenant Governor Talauega E. V. Ale and his Good Lady Marian Ale disembarked on the MV Manu’atele at 6:30 am, simultaneously, Governor Lemanu arrived at the Satala Cemetery.

The wreath presentation by Lt. Governor Talauega and Good Lady Marian was in remembrance of those whom we have lost at sea. Likewise, Governor Lemanu laid the second wreath to remember Korean fishermen and foreigners laid to rest in the territory.

Lemanu then proceeded to Utulei Tramway on Mauga Alii, recognizing those who have perished during the tragic US Navy plane crash in 1980.

The final wreath presentation was laid during a ceremony at the Veteran’s Memorial Monument in Tafuna.

Governor Lemanu’s memorial day address pointed to the countless unsung heroes that have left a lasting impact on the history of our Nation.

"Their sacrifices serve as a living example of the cost of freedom.

"And we pause in solemn remembrance and reflect on the legacy of all those who have fought and made the ultimate sacrifice.

"In no way can we ever repay the debt we owe to those who cannot be here with us today. "We also remember the families of those who have passed as they continue to keep their memories alive.

"May we never fail to remember that freedom is not free," said Lemanu.

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