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Gov to repeal outdated Territorial Disaster Assistance Plan 1989

The Department of Homeland Security intends to amend specific rules in Title 26, Chapter 01 of the American Samoa Administrative Code under Section 6 of Article IV of the Revised Constitution of American Samoa and §§ 26.0105(b) and 26.0106(e) of the American Samoa Code Annotated, by next month.

These changes seek to repeal the outdated Territorial Disaster Assistance Plan 1989, says James John Faumuina, Compliance Review Officer (CRO) at the Department of Homeland Security Headquarters.

Faumuina told KVZK this is part of the work done by the Rule Reform Committee under the Governor’s Office to update outdated rules and regulations in the Code and Statues.

The Law Reform Committee is a standing committee dedicated to improving the quality of the laws and the administration of justice in American Samoa.

This includes reviewing the current laws, regulations, and rules and drafting new rules.

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