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Governor and Lt Gov Talauega holds first Cabinet Meeting for 2023

By Gregoury Kuresa

The Honorable Governor Lemanu P.S Mauga and Lt Governor Talauega E.V Ale today hosted their first of many cabinet meetings for 2023.

The meeting this morning started with Governor Lemanu thanking their cabinet for all the hard work and contribution to the development of the Territory in 2022. “On behalf of Lt Governor Talauega and myself I want to express our sincere gratitude to you all for driving our major developments in 2022 despite the challenges of Covid 19, said Governor Lemanu. He continued,``Together we can take advantage of the opportunity for American Samoa to achieve its developmental goals. Together we can work in the common interests with local businesses to drive productivity. I want an economy that works for people, not the other way around. Together we can do it”.

Honorable Lemanu reiterated the importance of working together as a team in order to fulfill the Administration's plans for 2023. He also mentioned that ASG is already making plans for the Atoa o Samoa meeting in April that will be held after the Flag Day celebrations.

Today is also Governor Lemanu's birthday. The cabinet sang happy birthday to the Governor before cutting his birthday cake prepared by his office.

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