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Governor calls for monthly meetings to monitor revenue collection and spending of government funds

Governor Lemanu P.S. Mauga has emphasized the importance of monitoring revenue collection and spending of government funds.

He has called for monthly meetings with relevant directors to discuss the government’s budget analysis and revenue collections.

In a general memorandum, the governor noted the importance of closely monitoring public funds throughout and while entering the new fiscal year.

Instituting a monthly meeting with the Treasurer, Budget Director, Director of Port Administration, Tax Manager, and Chief of Customs is vital. He said the meetings are essential to review revenue collections and assess budget expenditures before the month and the year.

The revenue collection report should include funds from previous months and year-to-date. Also, an analysis of revenue collection performance, compared to the preceding year and current budget year revenue projections.

Also, the budget expenditures report should include amounts approved for expenditure before the month, expenditure year to date, an analysis of budgetʻs monthly spending, and an analysis comparing previous budget expenditures to the current appropriated budget.

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