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Governor clamps down on ASG overtime

Governor Lemanu P. S. Mauga has cracked down on unpaid overtime for the public servants. Lemanu urged directors to pay the government workers overtime, the staff being the backbone of the government’s services and operations.

He made the comments during the Cabinet meeting on Monday.

According to the governor, overtime for staff should be included in the department's annual budget. He said the directors are well aware of the year-long plan of projects and events that would require staff to work overtime.

Lemanu said that unless it is a natural disaster, that falls solely on the Governor and Lt Governor.

However, for the daily operation of each department, it is the Directors responsibility to make sure their staff overtime is paid.

He also urged the directors to be compassionate with their staff as they are the people providing the service to members of the public.

In 2019, ASPA was fined by the USDOL Wage and Hour Division (WHD) after its investigation and found the Authority violated overtime requirements of the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). ASPA was ordered to pay $110,865 to 180 employees.

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