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Governor declares Public Health Emergency

Due to the confirmed measles case and 31 suspected cases, Governor Lemanu P. S. Mauga has declared a public health emergency for measles.

The Department of Health and American Samoa Government are authorized to utilize all necessary powers to contain and prevent the imminent risk of further spread of measles and that the Emergency Operations Center is activated to coordinate response efforts.

This is outlined in the declaration released by the Governor’s office as we are heading into our news.

According to the Emergency Declaration all schools, public or private, and American Samoa Community College (ASCC) are closed effective today April 24, 2023 in line with daycare and childcare facilities that were closed April 20. 2023.

The closure is for three weeks.

Schools will utilize online/distance learning and all authorities, departments and offices shall support the Department of Education and ASCC to ensure that all students have access to online/distance learning.

Any person who tests positive for measles should be issued a directive to isolate up to twenty- one days. The Director of Health or his designee is authorized to quarantine a person for up to twenty- one days without notice if that person was or may have been exposed to measles.

Quarantine may be at the individual's home or residence or at a designated quarantine facility. Quarantine for more than twenty-one days must be authorized by the High Court of American Samoa.

Licensing of medical professionals is suspended to the extent that any person who is licensed to provide medical services by a U.S. state. U.S. territory or the District of Columbia shall be deemed as licensed in American Samoa.

Price gouging is prohibited and all violations of this provision will be prosecuted vigorously to the full extent of the law. The Attorney General is authorized to request justification from any business deemed to have substantially increased its prices during this Heath Emergency period.

Departments, Agencies and Offices of the American Samoa Government may pro-mul-gate emergency rules in accordance with established law and the Administrative Procedures Act. Emergency rules will be submitted to the Governor prior to promulgation.

Any person who violates the requirements of this declaration or violates a quarantine or isolation order issued by the Director of Health or his designee may be charged with a violation of the applicable law.

This declaration will be effective April 24, 2023 for thirty (30) days and will expire on May 24. 2023.

Ole aso na fa'alauiloa mai ai le poloaiga o faalavelave faafuasei a le Kovana Sili ia Lemanu P. S. Mauga.

O lenei poloaiga e afua atu i le aso mo le 30 aso seia maea ia Me i lona aso 24.

Mo Aoga, e afua atu i le aso o aoga uma, aoga a le malo, faapea aoga tumaoti e aofia ai ma le kolisi maualuga a Amerika Samoa, o child care ma pisinisi o loo vaaia ai le fanau iti, o le a tapunia uma mo le 3 vaiaso.

Ao tapunia aoga, ua poloaia le fa'auauina pea ona fa'atinoina a'oa'oga i luga o upega tafailagi online/distance learning ma ua poloaiga foi ofisa uma o le malo ina ia fesoasoani i le Matagaluega o Aoga mo le fa'atinoina o lea tulaga.

O so'o se tagata e a'afia i le misela o le a fa'anofoesea mo le 21 aso. Ma ua tuuina atu nei le faitalia i le faatonu o le Matagaluega o le soifua maloloina e na te faanofoesea ai se tasi e masalomia ua aafia i le misela e aunoa ma se lapataiga e ave iai mo le 21 aso.

O nei faanofoesea e faia i le maota o le ua aafia, poo se isi nofoaga o le a finagalo iai le DOH. O so'o se tasi e taofia e silia ma le 21 aso e moomia le faatanaga mai le faamasinoga maualuga.

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