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Governor reminds Cabinet members of their public service mandate

Governor Lemanu P. S. Mauga reminded his Cabinet of their public service mandate. In a general memorandum, the Governor cited that some offices were closed.

However, that should not occur except under emergency conditions.  Governor Lemanu reminded his Cabinet members that providing the services necessary to support, maintain, and grow the community is one of the primary functions of the American Samoa Government.

The unexpected closure of departments, agencies, or offices outside planned or declared holidays disrupts the government's public services. It has a direct impact on the community who rely on these services.

In recent weeks, some Directors have decided to close down their departments during what would have otherwise been regular business hours. This should not occur except under emergency conditions.

The governor urges Directors that if there are activities that a department needs to undertake that affect the department's staffing, they should determine the best way to streamline its provision of services during that time to continue operations and undertake the additional activities.

Ample holiday time is provided to employees, and Directors should schedule appropriately through the holiday season to be open for business during business hours.

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