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Hawaiian Air Flight from Honolulu Given All Clear

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

Written by: Tosimaea Tupua

The Department of Homeland Security has now given the all clear for the Hawaiian Air flight from Honolulu to fly to American Samoa. The Director of Homeland Security Samana Ve’ave’a confirmed to KVZK News that an  “all cleared to land” message had been relayed to the Manager of Hawaiian Air Pago Pago Mr Tuli Fruean.

The flight from Honolulu was scheduled to arrive in American Samoa last night Thursday July 14, 2022 but it got canceled due to severe weather conditions and strong waves that damaged part of the main runway.

“We carried out an assessment of the runway this morning. The debris left on the runway by the high tides have been cleared so we are good to go’, said Director Samana. He continued, ‘I will continue to monitor the situation including the weather and advise accordingly”.

Governor Lemanu and his team including Attorney General Fainuulelei and Director Samana were at the airport early this morning to inspect the damage.

There are more than 200 travelers on tonight’s flight. Travelers will be tested for covid 19 on arrival. Estimated time of arrival is 9:00pm.


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