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Head of Nursing School laments move by LBJ to hire nurses from Fiji, without due diligence

The Head of the Nursing School at American Samoa Community College, Mrs. Lele Ah Mu Mageo, believes recruiting nurses from Fiji was not done right from the beginning hence the unsatisfactory results.

She is referring to two of the 21 Fijian nurses who passed the NCLEX others are continuing with the crash course at ASCC.

Mrs. Mageo made the comments during a House hearing yesterday. She said from the beginning of this initiative.

The hospital should have submitted the credential from the nursing school in Fiji of the candidates so they could select only those that could potentially undergo the nursing course and pass the National Council Licensure Examination.

She said if this were done properly they would give their professional advice on what step to take, given the nursing courses are challenging.

Furthermore, Mrs. Mageo said there is an intention to take these nurses to Hawaii, yet this is concerning.

Also, if they cannot pass the crash court here, how could they pass the nurse's courses in Hawaii, she said. Mrs. Mageo gave her professional opinion during the hearing.


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