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Help on the way to Manua

By: Tosimae'a Typua

The first group of medical professionals, counselors including Volcanologist Natalia Deligne and Tafuna Weather Bureau’s Elinor Lutu MacMoore have arrived in Manu’a.

Deligne and Lutu McMoore are in Manu’a to assess the cause of the tremors that have been shaking Manua for two weeks now while the rest of the crew from the Department of Health, Home and Social Services and Homeland Security are in Manua to assist residents with their evacuation plan in the event of an explosion. Reports from Manua states short tremors continue to shake the islands especially close to Tau and Ofu.

The assessment of the situation in Manua will begin in Fitiuta today and then the team will move to Tau before taking the boat to Ofu and Olosega later today or tomorrow morning.

Head of Mission to Manu’a Esau Esau of the Department of Homeland Security said he is aware people in Manua are living in fear so we are going to do all we can to provide assistance. We look forward to providing assistance for our people in Manua especially families now camping in schools due to fear of a tsunami caused by the tremors”, said Esau.

Volcanologist Natalia Deligne who is traveling with the team said people must feel anxious at the moment given there is little information they can provide until the proper equipment arrives next week. Once those machines arrive then they can point to what is causing the tremors, says Deligne.

During yesterday’s briefing at the Emergency Operations Center, Honorable Governor Lemanu said he has received reports from Manu’a that some families are camping on school grounds away from the shore for fear of a tsunami.

“The volcano eruption in Tonga is still fresh in people's minds so that is another factor why there is a lot of anxiety among the people. There must be an evacuation plan and we need to help set that up for Manua because regardless of the type of emergency people may face in your life, it’s important to be prepared before it happens,” said Lemanu. He continued, “That is why having a plan now will help get our people through these difficult times better than they would without one.

KVZK’s Gregoury Kuresa and cameraman Simo Paletaleo are on the ground in Manu’a. They will provide daily updates from Manu'a.

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