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Hon.Governor Lemanu P. S Mauga Meets officials in South Korea

By: Tosimaeʻa Tupua


The Honorable Governor Lemanu P. S Mauga and his delegation have left South Korea on their way home after a successful trip to South Korea. In South Korea, Governor Lemanu and his delegation met with top officials of the Government. Photos provided by Director Petti Matila of the Department of Commerce who is also part of the delegation, shows Governor Lemanu holding discussions with some Government officials in South Korea.

Governor Lemanu and his delegation also met with the board of directors of the Donwon Company that owns Starkist Samoa. Governor Lemanu and his delegation also traveled to Jeju, the largest island located south of the Korean peninsula. The South Korean government has actively been implementing new and renewable energy resources in Jeju Island, such as wind energy and bioenergy, as part of their policies.The delegation from American Samoa witnessed first hand these renewable energy projects in Jeju in the hope American Samoa will do similar projects in the future.Governor Lemanu also met with the Governor of Jeju, Oh Young Yun. The delegation returns to Ameican Samoa this week.

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