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HR Director laments lack of Police Training, in light of brutality claims

The alleged Police brutality video going viral online has caught the attention of the Human Resources Director Lyn Pulou-Alaimalo and has called on the Department of Public Safety to take action.

Video footage was seen by KVZK news of a man with a bloody face placed in the back of a Police truck claiming that he was "assaulted" by Officers.

In an email to Police Commissioner Lefiti Pese this week, the HR Director expressed concerns over the lack of training of Police Officers to ensure the officers are not aggressive and are complying with local laws.

The Director stressed the reality that the safety and protection of the people of American Samoa are heavily relied on by officers.

Adding that the ethical dilemmas and public disturbances begin in the hands of officers.

The Director questioned the safety of members of the public.

"How safe are our people when there's completely zero compassion from public safety officers," she asked.

Furthermore, the Director said their Department has made several training attempts but have been postponed several times and yet cases of alleged police brutality continue to surface.

“As government employees you are mandated under the statutes which govern these types of cases from employees.

"The irresponsible conduct of officers falls in the hands of the HR department yet they are still waiting for a time from your office to conduct training.”

Pulou then recommended corrective actions to be taken for Police Officers noting that "these are not the values the government enforces" for public servants.

Also, Police Officers have to apply "our spiritual and cultural perspectives in every way to ensure proper conduct in relations with the public."

She said the public relies on officers for their safety regardless.

"To be battered and assaulted in the hands of officers are not the visionary goals we had hoped or expected from a group of professionals whose leaders are beyond phenomenal and are strictly centered around respect and alofa for anyone," said Pulou.

The Director said training may be at the discretion of department leaders and urged the Department of Public Safety to advise DHR on how they can move forward.

Furthermore, Pulou says DPS needs to undergo training and it is the role of the DHR to speak up and take corrective actions when such issues arise in the community.

The HR department "cannot remain silent as this would become an acknowledgement of such practices."

Pulou concluded by appealing to DPS to take action immediately and call a stand down for training for the safety and protection of our people and territory.

In the meantime, the Chief of Police Pouuamea Supapo Tuaolo told KVZK news they are investigating claims that the suspect was allegeldy assaulted at the hands of Cops.

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