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HTC Olo Uluao Letuli takes oath of office as Senator

High Talking Chief Olo Uluao Letuli took the oath of office this morning as Senator for Fofo District. Chief Justice Lealaialoa Michael Kruse officiated the ceremony at the Senate’s temporary chambers.

Mrs Heavenly Annesley-Letuli held the Bible used to swear in the new Senator. Olo replaces former Senator of Fofo, Faiivae Alex Iuli, who resigned last month to serve as the new Western District Governor.

On his first day, Olo was assigned a Senate Resolution on the appointment of Representative Vailoata Eteuati Amituana’i as a member of the Immigration Board, a nomination by the Governor.

Olo is a veteran of the US Armed Forces. He was bestowed the High Talking Chief title Olo earlier this year from the village of Leone.

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