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Independence Day holds immense significance: Gov

The 4th of July Independence Day holds immense significance as a time when we come together to celebrate the birth of our great Nation and the principles upon which it was founded.

Governor Lemanu Palepoi Sialega Mauga commented in a statement to announce the public holiday next Tuesday.

He encourages the public to reflect on the courage and sacrifices of our forefathers, who fought for the liberties we now enjoy.

Observed as a holiday, Lemanu said all government offices would be closed, and everyday activities would be suspended on that day.

Congresswoman Uifa’atali Aumua Amata also shared her views about the importance of America's independence day.

She said since April 17, 1900, in Tutuila and 1904 in Manu’a, all of American Samoa has been proud to be a part of the United States — a truly great nation that has uplifted the cause of freedom worldwide for generations.

“Independence Day is the annual celebration of nationhood for the United States and those ideals of freedom we all hold dear.

It is celebrated nationwide with fireworks and a parade, said Uifaatali and for American Samoa, the Fourth of July emphasizes our strong connection to the U.S. Armed Forces, a patriotic day for all of us, with a particular thought for our many military families and many veterans.

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