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Invest in American Samoa – S. Korean delegation to visit American Samoa.

By: Tosimaea Tupua

A fifteen member delegation from South Korea arriving next week is part of an Invest in American

Samoa mission. Information received by KVZK News says the delegation will also be visiting Manua for a

day. In Manu’a, the delegation will visit wharfs, dispensaries, recreational and historical sites for Tourism


There are 4 focus areas American Samoa will present on during the visit healthcare, sustainability,

technology and tourism. There is also a kava ceremony planned for the delegation at Suigaula according

on A few months ago, Governor Lemanu and some of his cabinet members were on a fact finding

mission in South Korea to learn more about the critical infrastructural development of Jeju Island with

respect to sustainability and adaptation. The fact-finding mission was a follow-up meeting as a result of

meetings Governor Lemanu had during the US Department of Commerce SelectUSA Investment Summit

in Washington DC a few months ago. Attracting investors to set up in American Samoa will not only

provide long term benefits for American Samoa in terms of employment but it is also vital for our

economic development.

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