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Jared Faitau arraigned over alleged stabbing case

In the news from court, the government’s case against Jared Faitau, accused of stabbing a 17-year-old male twice, will be arraigned in the High Court tomorrow.

Faitau is facing first-degree assault, second-degree assault and two counts of third-degree assault. The District Court set bail for Faitau at $10,000. The incident is alleged to have occurred in Nu'uuli recently.

According to Court filings, the defendant allegedly stole and sold the victim's bike. The victim told police he went to the store, and the suspect was waiting for him in front of a bus stop and challenged him to a fight.

The defendant swung the knife at him, and the victim used his hand to cover his face, and as a result, his hand was wounded.

The victim took off running, but the suspect caught up and stabbed him again; this time, the knife landed on the left side of his stomach.

It's alleged the victim punched the suspect and took off running. Court filings say the stab wound on the victim's stomach required eight stitches, while the cut on his arm had four stitches.

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