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Joeita escaped from TCF; public warned to be alert due to surge in crimes on West

Notorious offender, Joeita Fa’aaliga was at it again last week when he broke out of the Tafuna Correctional Facility.

It has seven years this inmate has been breaking out of jail since his incarceration in 2016.

Chief of Police Pou’amea Tuaolo Supapo told KVZK News the recent escape by Faaaliga, occurred last Sunday when the inmate left jail and then walked back into the TCF the same day.

However, the incident was only reported to the Police 24 hours after it occurred which she found concerning.

Supapo said she sounds like a broken record reminding the TCF of the need to report such matters to the Police immediately, as it happens, not 24 hours afterwards.

Adding the Department of Corrections needs to follow protocols as it is illegal for prisoners to escape from jail; also the Police can warn members of the public to be alert that a prisoner is on the run, for their safety which is the biggest concern they have. In any case the prisoner commits a crime the government will be liable.

According to our records, this would be the sixth time Fa’alagi has escaped from jail this year.

Recently Fa’aaliga has been charged with escaping from TCF and breaking into several businesses in the Tafuna Industrial Park and Nu’uuli.

In November last year, Fa’aaliga was also the main suspect who attempted to break in at the Territorial Bank of American Samoa (TBAS) but failed, however, he vandalized the ATM machine, which was found to be beyond repair and had to be replaced.

In other news from the Police due to the increasing number of burglary cases on the west side, the Department of Public Safety has issued a stern warning to be alert.

Supapo told KVKZ News businesses and family homes are being burglarized by unknown persons in the Tafuna, Ottoville and Futiga areas.

A recent incident occurred in Vailoa where a Church Minister’s residence was broken into which prompted the Vailoa Village Council to revive its village curfews daily.

She said the spree of burglaries in the Tafuna Industrial Area targeting businesses the Police suspect the people behind it are prisoners and they have beefed up their patrol mandates during the wee hours of the morning.

The Chief of Police urges members of the public to call the police immediately once they suspect a crime is happening.

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