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Notorious escapee, Joeita Faaaliga placed in maximum security

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

After escaping from the Taufna Correctional Facility on countless occasions, the Director of the Corrections Services, Tauanu’u Semu Faisiota Tauanu’u, confirmed that notorious escapee Joeita Faaaliga is now placed in maximum security.

Tauanu’u, during a brief interview with KVZK, said they are taking necessary actions to ensure that prisoners are kept behind bars and not gallivanting in public.

Earlier this week, Faaaliga was seen by members of the public at the American Samoa Power Authority vicinity.

Last month the government addressed the issue at hand, noting that maintaining the safety and welfare of the citizens of American Samoa is a top priority for the current administration.

Governor Lemanu Palepoi Sialega Mauga's comments followed numerous reports of break-ins in the Tafuna industrial park and family homes around Tafuna and Nuuuli since last year, including Faaaliga’s failed attempt to rob the Territorial Bank of American Samoa, but only managed to vandalized the ATM.

Lemanu, in a statement, said that this issue is a top priority for the government and that he is working with Director Tauanuu Semu Tauanuu and Warden Papali’i Marion Fitisemanu to ensure that those incarcerated at TCF are securely maintained in the facility and that the public is safe from threats.

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