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Joseph Fa'aita appointed as EMS Chief

Senior Emergency Medical Technician Joseph Fa'aita has been appointed Chief of the Emergency Medical Services division of the Department of Search and Rescue. 

This was confirmed in a memorandum endorsed by Director Save Liuato Tuitele last month.

In December, Galumalemana Popo Avegalio, as Chief of Emergency Medical Services, was removed as Chief, and to date, there has been no information on why the Department took action.

Fa'aita’s appointment was effective December 20. He has been working for the EMS for 35 years.

Faaita started in 1989 and was the first locally trained EMT with Paramedic certification from Kapiolani University of Hawaii in 2000.

He also holds a bachelor's degree in healthcare management from South University. 

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Back on Track, AS
Back on Track, AS
05 gen

Why was Galumalemana Popo Avegalio, Chief of Emergency Medical Services, removed as Chief? I have never seen anybody as involved, hard working and dedicated as him. Big mistake letting him go.

Mi piace
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