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June 24 2022: Accident in Ottoville Tafuna

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

By: Tosimaeʻa Tupua

Police in Tafuna were quick to respond to an accident on Ottoville Rd at around 12 midday involving a black Nissa Xterra taxi. Deputy Commissioner of Police Terry Letuli told KVZK News, the Nissan Xterra taxi was on its way to Fagaima when it went off the road and collided with a rock wall opposite the area where the new Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Saints temple is being built. The impact pushed the front bumper of Xterra inward, breaking the front windscreen and windows on the passenger's side, said Letuli. The driver and two passengers inside the vehicle were transported to the LBJ Hospital for injuries that were considered not to be life threatening following the crash.

Deputy Commissioner Letuli said he is unable to confirm whether alcohol was involved until the police investigation is finalized. He urges all drivers to be extra careful on our roads especially when the weather is not too great.

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