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Junior Ott appears in court on drug related matter

Junior Ott appeared in the District Court this week.

He is facing one count of unlawful possession of a controlled substance of methamphetamine in relation to a traffic stop in January.

His bail is set at $3,000.

It's alleged Police were patrolling the westside and observed a vehicle turning into Vaitogi road without the indication of a signal.

Officers initiated a vehicle stop in front of the J&B store and uncovered that Ott did not have a valid driver's license.

When Police informed Ott the vehicle would be impounded the defendant refused and resisted when officers attempted to remove him from the vehicle.

Police managed to apprehend him and took him to the Tafuna Substation.

An inventory of the vehicle was conducted and Police found two glass pipes commonly used to smoke ice inside the compartment and underneath the back seat of the vehicle.

Valentine Bahn a passenger in the vehicle, told Police she had no knowledge of the glass pipes found inside the vehicle.

The white substance tested positive for ice.

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