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Land dispute delays construction of DOH's clinic in Aunu'u

The Department of Health's $3.7 million clinic project in Aunu’u is on hold. This is due to a dispute on the one-acre land where the clinic is to be constructed.

Officials from the Department of Health led by Deputy Director Vesi Talalelei Fautanu will be meeting with the village council for the fourth time tomorrow morning in Aunu’u.

Fautanu in response to questions from KVZK TV confirmed the Umi family is disputing the project citing that part of their land has been allocated for this project without their consent. KVZK News made efforts to get comments from the Sa’o of the Umi family but has been unsuccessful.

The Deputy Director said this project is now in motion but unfortunately, the land dispute is delaying the process.

The acre in question is located on a hill and the Department already signed documents with the family to proceed with the project, but part of the land is being disputed.

In September last year, the DOH opened a temporary clinic on Aunu’u in preparation for a permanent clinic.

Fautanu said following natural disasters in the past where transportation was disrupted prompted the move to have a permanent clinic on the island of Aunuu.

With close to 400 Aunuu residents their goal is for community-focused care to enhance healthcare services and patient outcomes.

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