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Landslide debris causes traffic jams

By:Tosimaeʻa Tupua

Motorists travelling on the main highway to the capital Pago Pago should brace themselves for heavy traffic, as the work of removing debris and loose boulders at the landslide site near Fatu ma Futi will take a few more hours. The Department of Public Safety is assisting the crew from the Department of Public Works to remove the loose boulders and soil.

A senior Officer of the DPS said, “While removing the boulders and loose soil we realized a few more boulders and soil in the section are loose and might come down. In order to prevent any mishap we have closed one lane of the south-bound road once again.

The landslide was reported to Police at about 7am.The Police Officer KVZK News spoke to said landslides often occur in the area due to heavy rain last week.

The area where the landslide took place is a rocky hillock and Public Works does not want more mishaps, so the work is being carried out under strict supervision.

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