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Last minute supplies for Christmas and New Year.

By: Tosimaeʻa Tupua

Hundreds of shoppers have crammed into popular shops in a last minute dash to stock up on supplies ahead of Christmas and the New Year. KVZK News was at NEILʻS ACE HARDWARE talking to shoppers. At Ace this morning, a shopper said that he was buying gifts for his children because they didnʻt get any presents on Christmas. Another couple said they were looking for household items. A couple from Nuuuli told KVZK News they were buying a brand new refrigerator, a good present for the whole family on Christmas. Another couple said they are looking for a BBQ for their party on New Years eve.

KVZK News also visited our two main popular Grocery Stores KS Mart and TSM Store where shoppers packed the aisles to get their hands on fresh produce, meat and seafood for Christmas and New Year get-togethers.

TSM Store Manager said the most popular seafood for Christmas and New Year are prawns and pano pano fish and mamoe takes the top place for the most popular red meat people were buying on the week of Christmas.

At TSM, KVZK News spoke to a father of 4 who was looking for toys for his children. He said he was not able to share Christmas with his children as he was stuck in Apia. A family shopping at TSM were thankful about their EITC checks. The mother said they have enough money to buy presentʻs and food to assist with their New Year get together.

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