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LBJ allocates $300,000 for EMS unpaid accrued leave over the years

Emergency Medical Services Technicians accrued leave over the years will be paid out. This is from their time working under the LBJ Medical Center to the tune of $300,000.

The EMS had since been transferred to the Department of Search and Rescue. A special meeting was held last Friday at the EMS headquarters in Tafuna to announce the payout.

In a letter to EMS personnel, Acting Chief Executive Officer, Dr Akapusi Ledua acknowledged the hard work of EMS technicians over the past year.

He said their dedication and commitment to providing outstanding care to patients have been truly remarkable. In recognition of their hard work and commitment, he confirmed providing a payout to all eligible employees and it is intended to recognize their sacrifices and provide some financial relief during these challenging times.

According to Dr Ledua, the payment plan outlines the details of the payout, including the dates of distribution and the amount to be received by each employee.

He said some EMS staff may have concerns regarding the payment plan going forward, particularly for those who fall below the $4000 threshold.

However rest assured that they have gone to great lengths to ensure that this payout is fair and equitable for all EMS employees, and taking into account the financial realities facing the hospital.

While taxes will be deducted from this payout, nonetheless the LBJ are committed to ensuring that the net amount received by each employee is as fair and reasonable

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