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LBJ CEO confirm two new appointments

The hospital CEO, Dr Akapusi Ledua, confirmed two new appointments to the LBJ's management team.

Grayson Togilau has been appointed Chief Information Officer. Togilau was the Associate Information Officer before his new role overseeing the IT Division.

This position has been vacant since last year when Raymond Tulafono resigned and moved to the Governor's Office.

Dr Ledua also confirmed the appointment of Dr. Aitofele Pita James Sunia as Acting Chief Medical Officer in light of the suspension of the CMO, Dr Joseph Shumway.

Dr Sunia is a Graduate Fiji School of Medicine and a PostGraduate in Anesthesia.

He has worked for the LBJ for nearly 30 years, where he served as the Chief Anesthesia for 20 years. A Certified Hyperbaric Chamber physician, Dr Sunia also served as Chief of Staff and Vice Chief of Staff for the past 8years.

Dr Shumway was appointed four months ago as CMO. His suspension until further notice was confirmed in a letter dated July 11, 2023, endorsed by the Acting Chief Executive Officer, Dr Akapusi Ledua.

The letter obtained by KVZK outlined the disappointment of Dr Ledua regarding Shumway’s recent conduct and public statements, which have damaged the reputation of the Hospital, the Department of Health and the American Samoa Government.

Dr Ledua noted that Dr Shumway accused the American Samoa Government of attempted theft of Federal funds, which is defamatory and below the standard of conduct expected for the hospital’s CMO. He said Dr Shumway’s behaviour shows a lack of respect for the health sector.

Shumway left the territory last week.

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