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LBJ CMO steps down

The hospital’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr Joseph Shumway, has resigned.

The resignation comes two weeks after he departed the island after being suspended by the hospital’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr Akapusi Ledua.

This follows public statements by Shumway, which have damaged the reputation of the Hospital, the Department of Health, and the American Samoa Government, in claiming the recent measles outbreak was fake in an attempt to receive more Federal funds.

In a memorandum issued last week, Dr. Ledua confirmed that Dr. Shumway announced his voluntary resignation as Chief Medical Officer, effective July 27, 2023, to pursue other interests.

Since joining in February 2023, Dr. Joseph Shumway has been a valuable member of our LBJ team.

His professional contributions have been essential to our success moving forward.

Dr. Ledua thanked Dr. Shumway for his service and valuable leadership with LBJ Tropical Medical Center during his tenure as CMO and wished him well in his future endeavors. His resignation comes four months after his appointment to the position.

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