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The Acting Chief Medical Officer Dr Sunia is urging members of the public to remain vigilant against the risk of Covid 19 in the wake of 23 positive Covid cases. All cases were recorded at the LBJ Hospital between December 16th to 27th. According to Dr James Sunia a total of 64 people were tested for Covid at the LBJ Hospital during the two week period and 23 were positive. In a brief interview with KVZK News reporter Gregoury Kuresa at LBJ Hospital this morning, Dr Sunia said Christmas is a busy time of the year with people cramming into shops and other places like restaurants for family events. He says crowded places are breeding grounds for the virus and although our vaccination population is very good, people must take measures like wearing masks, sanitizing and staying home if feeling sick.

Meanwhile, a healthy baby girl has become the only baby born on Christmas day at the hospital this year. LBJ Hospital confirmed the baby is healthy as is her mother.

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