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LBJ Hospital Board and Management thank staff for their hard work

By: Tosimaeʻa Tupua

‘In recognition of all the hard work by staff of the LBJ Tropical Medical Center the American Samoa Medical Center Authority (ASMCA) Board of Directors, CEO Moefa’auo William T. Emmsley, and Management hosted the first “Celebrating You” Employee Appreciation Banquet in the weekend.

CEO of LBJ Hospital Moefaauo said to recognize the devoted service of its greatest asset—HUMAN RESOURCES (employees), the function was tribute to the workforce of the hospital of which its doors have been open for public service since 1968.

“God willing, we will make this an annual event with additional categories to be added on to further challenge employees—not only to honor their service but also to reward those who continue to perform exemplary.” However, “a simple note of ‘thanks’ does wonders to the staff’s morale”, said CEO Moefa’auo. He continued “It is on that spirit, management seized the opportunity to recognize and celebrate the remarkable careers of LBJ employees who have dedicated, for the most part, their lives, and professional careers to our hospital, accordingly, the least leadership and management could offer is to pay homage to their notable feats”.

The function was also a time for the hospital management and staff to honor the LBJ family members who have served for over thirty (30) years, and specialty awards were presented to distinguish achievements of those who have served for over forty and fifty years.

CEO Moefaauo said the work at the hospital may be tough and often seemingly thankless, but many of the employees will agree, they will have it no other way. They refuse to surrender to the enticement of weakness. The people that work in the hospital are servant leaders from all walks of life. The staff is made up of unique individuals that show incredible resiliency and dedication to the healthcare for the people of American Samoa.

“Even during the COVID-19 pandemic and natural disasters, LBJ employees consistently stepped up and confronted challenges they faced every single day. They continued to navigate obstacles brought upon by our isolated and remote islands. They offered ways only resourceful employees could imagine in this ever-changing world! Therefore, “On behalf of the leadership and management, we thank the employees for their commitment to the hospital, the profession and the compassionate care to the patients, family, and community. We thank you for making a difference”, said CEO Moefa’auo.

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