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LBJ kicks off its Project Pasefika

In a significant step towards realizing Project Pasefika's goals, LBJ Medical Centre representatives visited Chaminade University Honolulu (CUH) to explore a potential partnership to support LBJ medical staff's education, training, and professional development.

The discussions centered on a shared vision for the partnership, which entails two primary objectives.

First, the collaboration seeks to strengthen the current LBJ nursing staff by offering advanced education and clinical training opportunities.

By empowering the existing staff with enhanced skills and knowledge, LBJ Medical Center aims to elevate the quality of healthcare services provided to the community.

Second, the partnership aims to address the critical shortage of nursing staff at LBJ Medical Center by streamlining higher education opportunities and facilitating NCLEX (National Council Licensure Examination) preparation.

During the visit, LBJ representatives were impressed by CUH’s School of Nursing and Health Professions department, which showcased state-of-the-art clinical training facilities utilized by their nursing program.

Hospital Board member House Representative Faimealelei Anthony Allen expressed optimism about the potential collaboration.

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