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Lions Park Opening Ceremony

By: Tosimaeʻa Tupua

The Lions park grand opening schedule for Friday October 7th is a celebration of all the children of American Samoa according to the Director of Education Talauega Dr Samasoni Asalei. Dr Asaeli told KVZK News the Honorable Governor Lemanu and the government have decided to honor our students by hosting this big event, a pre white sunday celebration.

The Department of Education has been working together with the Office of the Governor to make sure that Friday's occasion is a success and a happy one for the children.

Although the day will be treated as a normal school day for students, Dr Asaeli said consent forms have already been sent to parents. It is now up to the parents to allow or not to allow their kids to take part in the block party said Dr Asaeli

The Lions park main road, starting from the gate of the Territorial Correctional Facility all the way to ANZ Bank will be closed off onThursday October 6th at 12:00 pm to allow vendors to set up for the big event. Close to 80 vendors have already signed up to provide food for the students. Students will be given a voucher worth $10:00 dollars to purchase something to eat and a drink on the day. Games and other fun activities will also be provided.

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