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Local community joined forces in beautification initiative in celebration of Earth Day

The Samoan Community came together to participate in a Community Clean Up event at the Pearl Harbor Bike Path on Saturday, April 22, 2023.

Volunteers collected waste and debris from the bike path and its surrounding areas. Pastor Headrick Hunkin arranged for volunteers to work in different areas, ensuring maximum coverage and efficiency.

The Community Clean up initiative is an excellent opportunity for the community members to give back to the state of Hawai’i and the land we live on.

Not only does it improve the Path’s appearance and safety, but it also supports the broader health and wellness initiative.

Studies have shown that spending time in natural environments and engaging in outdoor activities can have tremendous health benefits, including reducing stress levels and improving overall well-being.

The event promoted physical activity and community engagement, both of which are essential components of a healthy lifestyle.

“We are proud of the hard work and dedication demonstrated by everyone who came out in support of Earth Day and our Community.,” said Janina Palea’ae.

“It’s through collaboration and cooperation that we can make a lasting impact and create a brighter future for our community.”

Together we can make a difference, and we hope that this event inspires others to join forces and create positive change in their communities.

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